What is the Difference Between Diamond Glow and Microdermabrasion?

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Diamond Glow treatments utilize a diamond-tipped microdermabrasion tool coupled with a revitalizing blend of SkinMedica Pro-Infusion serums. To say that it is just another microdermabrasion treatment is a gross injustice to the treatment. Diamond Glow treatments are so much better than microdermabrasion.

This post discusses why Diamond Glow treatments are better than your regular microdermabrasion. We will cover the benefits of Diamond Glow and other pertinent details.

What is Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion uses an abrasive handheld instrument to gently sand away the first layer of the skin. The first layer of the skin gets all the dirt and damage from the environment; it also receives the worst damage due to sun exposure. As our cells turnover, more dead skin cells build up on the topmost layer of the skin.

The more dead skin cells on the first skin layer, the less vibrant it looks. Additionally, the dead cells, along with dirt and oil, clog up the pores, resulting in various skin conditions such as acne, enlarged pores, dull skin, and uneven skin tone. Lastly, the dead skin cell buildup on the top layer of the skin prevents skincare products from penetrating the skin deeply enough.

Microdermabrasion removes that dead skin cell-filled top layer, along with all the dirt, oil, and gunk. It exfoliates the skin to reveal the healthier layer beneath it. Microdermabrasion also extracts the grease, gunk, and dead skin cells clogging up the pores.

What is Diamond Glow?

Diamond Glow does everything that microdermabrasion does, except more. Microdermabrasion exfoliates and extracts (if needed); Diamond Glow exfoliates, extracts, and infuses the skin with vitalizing serums. The difference between Diamond Glow and microdermabrasion is that Diamond Glow is simply better.

Diamond Glow treatments do more for the skin. Plus, it is more effective at exfoliating and extracting than microdermabrasion. Here is a more detailed explanation of why Diamond Glow treatments are better than microdermabrasion.


Diamond Glow utilizes a patented diamond-tipped handheld wand to exfoliate or sand away the skin’s topmost layer. The beauty of Diamond Glow is that it is highly customizable. The handheld wands are available in six different sizes.

The professional staff at the Aesthetic House consults with clients who want the Diamond Glow treatment. During this consultation, the experts determine which diamond tip size suits the client best. We customize our Diamond Glow treatments to individual clients, ensuring that each receives the best results.


The Diamond Glow treatment sheds dead skin cells, dirt, oil, and other gunk from the skin’s surface. It provides a deep cleaning therapy. Additionally, the treatment has a gentle suction feature that unclogs and opens pores, preventing acne breakouts.


Microdermabrasion does not include an infusion of skin-enriching serums. Having an infusion is yet another reason why Diamond Glow treatments are better than microdermabrasion.

The clean and open pores that the exfoliation and extraction created make the application of topical products so much more effective. While your skin is exponentially more receptive to skincare treatments, Diamond Glow infuses it with SkinMedical serums. The serums are specifically selected to help treat your skin concerns – they treat acne, scarring, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, etc.

The infusion aspect of Diamond Glow treatments put them on a whole new level. They enhance the effects of the already better diamond-tipped wand.

Other Differences Between Diamond Glow and Microdermabrasion

Another difference between Diamond Glow treatments and microdermabrasion is that Diamon Glow uses a diamond-tipped wand instead of an aluminum oxide spray. Microdermabrasion sprays the abrasive aluminum oxide to the skin to exfoliate it. What does this fancy feature do that’s preferable to an aluminum oxide spray?

The diamond tips of Diamond Glow make exfoliation more accurate, which comes in handy for challenging areas like the nose, mouth, and around the eyes. Furthermore, the diamond-tipped wands are less irritating to any skin type, whether male or female. Lastly, the diamond-tipped wands provide a more gentle exfoliation and extraction that will require less downtime than the traditional aluminum oxide spray that microdermabrasion uses.

Even though diamond-tipped devices are more gentle to the skin, they are more effective at resurfacing.

The Benefits and Results of Diamond Glow Treatments

The results of a Diamond Glow treatment are similar to microdermabrasion, except better because Diamond Glow builds on microdermabrasion. The results are as follows:

  • Deeply cleansed skin
  • Brighter and more radiant skin
  • Smoother skin
  • Makeup application becomes easier
  • Hydrated and moisturized skin
  • Minimized fine lines and wrinkles
  • Firmer and plumper skin

Clinical trial patients reported seeing immediate results after a Diamond Glow treatment. And they continued noticing improvements in their skin’s appearance for 72 hours. However, the effects of Diamond Glow treatments are cumulative; they keep getting better as an individual undergoes more treatments.

At the Aesthetic House, we help our clients formulate a practical treatment plan to get them the results they want. The number of sessions you will have may depend on what you want to achieve.

The benefits of Diamond Glow include:

  • No downtime or recovery period is necessary
  • Convenient – each session lasts under half an hour
  • More prominent results
  • Non-invasive
  • Produces immediate results
  • Highly customizable for clients’ needs
  • Five options for serums – wrinkle reduction, acnefighting, rejuvenating, uneven pigment reduction, and moisturizing serums are available
  • No risks or severe side effects

What to Expect Post Diamond Glow Treatment

Some patients report slight redness after getting the treatment. Such redness dissipates within an hour. Other patients also report a feeling of tightness in their skin but soon get used to it.

The treatment may make your skin more susceptible to sun damage due to the barrier of dead skin cells and dirt being removed. Wear sunscreen and avoid constant sun exposure within the week following your Diamond Glow treatment.

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