Falon Hellstern


Falon Hellstern is nurse practitioner injector who specializes in wrinkle relaxers and dermal filler. Her full facial assessments allow her to harmonize facial features rather than spot treat. “When we look at the face as a whole rather than focus on small areas we are able to attain a better aesthetic outcome.”

Falon realized her passion to help others obtain the same feeling and outlook as her own when she underwent a reconstructive surgery for her jaw when she was in her early 20s. The changes not only physically but mentally she experienced sent her down a path that led her to a field in medical aesthetics. “After my maxillofacial surgery to correct my bite for medical reasons I realized the outcome was aesthetically pleasing as well. I grew in confidence which in turn gave me the desire to help others achieve the same for themselves. This realization led me to injecting and I dove in head first.”

Her love for aesthetics is lifelong but her career in the field of medical aesthetics began five years ago when she fell in love with helping people achieve their desired aesthetic outcomes through the use of dermal filler and wrinkle treatments. It was then she began training with some of the top injectors in the nation. Each bit of wisdom has shaped her skills today. She prides herself on a natural approach to enhancing the facial features, restoring volume loss rather than changing facial features. “When we restore volume loss you still look like yourself, just a more balanced, enhanced version.” Her love for educating is why her clients are so loyal. Not only do you get beautiful results but you understand the reasons behind the treatments and methods used to achieve the outcome you desire.

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