Do Wrinkle Relaxers Actually Work? 

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There are several things that aging does to us. The changes are sometimes drastic in the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects. When we look at it positively, we can change the perspective of fearing the idea of aging. However, a positive outlook can also mean living our older ages gracefully. And to do that, we opt for alterations in our physical appearances. But with loads of beauty regimen choices in the market, how can you make the wisest choice? This blog will discuss a facial procedure that you might probably love. Jot down notes about Wrinkle Relaxer and its solid efficiency!

What is Wrinkle Relaxer? 

Wrinkle relaxers are cosmetic injections injected into the muscle to reduce wrinkles and relax the muscles. Wrinkles are caused by aging, sun damage, and repetitive muscle movements that can eventually sometimes lead to fine lines and creases in the skin. Since a wrinkle relaxer is injectable, it can be a substitute for surgery. These procedures are popular because they are non-surgical and have lesser downtime and risks for side effects than surgical ones. It also has minimal to no discomfort during the process, and you can immediately see the results afterward. 

What Does Wrinkle Relaxer Treat? 

As mentioned earlier, wrinkle relaxers are best in addressing skin issues, but what are these specifically? 

  • Crow’s feet – Crow’s feet are lines on the outside corner of your eyes frequently caused by squinting. 
  • Forehead lines are the horizontal lines on the forehead, which are also signs of aging. 
  • Lip lines – Lip lines are the delicate and pesky lines around your mouth that can sometimes look unflattering. 
  • Bow lift – Brow lift has the capacity to lift the eyebrows, which is a quick solution for tired eyes and can give vibrant eye area. 

What Does Wrinkle Relaxer Do to me? 

More than smoothing out your wrinkles and fine lines, you should be knowledgeable about specific aspects such as the procedure, side effects, and everything that you will consider before risking the treatment. Here are the detailed pieces of information that can help you decide:

Procedure: Wrinkle relaxers are injected into various parts of the body, depending on what you will choose—the injectable works beneath the surface, which relaxes the muscles and reduces their activity. The treatment is compost with neurotoxins which your facial nerves absorb to block the transmission of muscle-moving transmitters. These neurotransmitters effortlessly and effectively smoothen the skin’s appearance. 

Side effects: There is no severe downtime for the treatment. You can return to your regular activity as you do not have to deal with severe bruising, redness, and more. However, you can experience minimal bruising. Your provider will advise that you get your wrinkle relaxer two weeks before a special event for your healing time expectancy. 

Results: Several beauty blogs mutually say that you can visibly see the results immediately, more so, 24-48 hours prior to the treatment. However, it is vital to know that the results are not permanent. A specific type of wrinkle relaxer also has a particular kind of duration. Botox and Dysport, for example, can last for three to four months. If you want more extended efficiency, your provider may suggest combining other treatments with a wrinkle relaxer. 

Treatments Needed: Since the results for wrinkle relaxers are not permanent, you can opt for more treatments. Your provider will most likely suggest that you repeat it three to four times a year. However, the treatment frequency will still depend on how your body reacts to the injectable. You may also have the possibility to switch from different products to avoid tolerance building. 

Safety: Wrinkle relaxers are definitely safe. However, make sure that your provider and their clinic are trustworthy. Be skeptical if they purify the neurotoxins that they use and in the background of the professional. Your safety is still dependent on your provider’s hands.  

Application: The location of the wrinkle relaxer injection will depend on you. But for your reference, wrinkle relaxers are injected in lips, temples, cheeks, smile lines, back of the hands, and nasolabial folds or the line between the nose and mouth. However, the crow’s feet, fine lines, and forehead lines are the most common areas. 

Best candidate: Anyone can be a good candidate for wrinkle relaxer treatments. If you have skin issues such as fine lines, crow’s feet, frown lines, mild, moderate, and severe wrinkles, then this procedure could be the one you are looking for. However, consultations beforehand might also be the best to give your provider a chance to look over your health assessment. Even if your fine lines and wrinkles are starting to be present, wrinkle relaxers are still the best to avoid worsening them. 

What type of Wrinkle Relaxers can you choose from? 

Different clinics offer various wrinkle relaxers. But in this blog, we will specifically talk about Botox and Dysport. Botox is a drug and formula extracted from bacterial toxin botulin, used in the medical and cosmetic fields. The medical field can treat muscular conditions, and cosmetically, it addresses wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing the facial muscles. On the other hand, Dysport also contains botulinum toxin type A. Like the botox that has botulinum, Dysport also blocks nerve activity in the muscle, causing a temporary decrease in muscle activity. 

Both Dysport and botox are neurotoxins that block muscle contractions and are also best as facial wrinkle and fine line treatments. However, experts can also use these to cure twitches in neurological disorders. 

Does Wrinkle Relaxer Work? 

Upon reading the whole article and almost reaching its end, the answer is obviously a big fat yes! For example, one of Crystal River’s best and biggest clinics, Florida, has five-star ratings from its satisfied customers. In Aesthetic House, the power of science and aesthetics collide to give you the whole enhancement of your natural beauty. With the help of a group of professionals in the field, you will not glow out of chemicals but rather the innate beauty in you. 

If you are ready to take one step closer to your perfect glowing skin, contact the best clinic and experience the quality service of a lifetime!


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